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Our Data Commandments

At Carpe Data, everything we build follows these central tenants:

Drive Automation

Improve Insurance Outcomes

Uncover Unique & Predictive Data

Enabling the Future of Insurance

Carriers rely on efficiency to keep premiums low and attract new customers, however, the ability to validate identity and identify risk has traditionally been a time-consuming, expensive and manual process for insurers—until now.

Answering the need for operational efficiency, Carpe Data designed a system that could analyze the overload of data, extrapolate its patterns at scale and deliver sub-second results via system-to-system interface. With dynamic, relevant and reliable data uncovered, you can reduce manual touch—freeing up time to elevate your business.

Data for its own sake is useless

The world is swimming in data. In fact, an estimated 40 trillion gigabytes of the stuff. But data alone has little to no value to insurance companies without a way to analyze and extrapolate its patterns at scale. So in 2010, along with a team of data enthusiasts and insurance veterans, we set out to solve this problem.

Here at Carpe Data we make it our business to distill this mountain of information into consumable data points. Then we spend hours refining and analyzing it with insurance intent in mind. This means our data solves real insurance problems and it can adapt to your unique appetite and needs.

Keeping Pace With the Speed of Information

When you look at data as a stream rather than a stagnant pool, you realize accessing it at a single point of time is antiquated. That is why Carpe Data keeps pace with the real speed of information. And it’s why we ensure our proprietary data assets are continuously monitored and updated for accuracy and reliability at any point in time.

Modernizing the insurance paradigm, we are committed to identifying and integrating emerging sources of data and providing new and exciting ways to think about risk. This means our products are additive to your insurance process. We’re not simply passing data through—we’re solving existing insurance problems while uncovering new opportunities to improve efficiency.

Recent Insights

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